• Pierre, really pleased to see some creative uses of AiScript!

    Anytime someone visits their Settings > Plugin page, this script is getting run. I confirmed this by adding some dialogs around the process and allowing users to cancel if they don't want to process it.

    #response = Mk:confirm("Question" "Would you like to run the Note Deletion script?", "question")
    ? (response = yes) {
        Async:interval((Plugin:config.loopTime*1000), cleanup, yes)
        Mk:dialog("Success" "Message" "success")
    } . {
        Mk:dialog("Information" "Note Deletion script did not run." "info")

    Another option you might consider is creating this to run from the button widget rather than as a plugin. You can apply AiScript to run when someone clicks the button, which gives users more control over when the script runs. I'd still recommend adding the confirmation prompts either way!

    Button Widget is found at: Edit Widgets > Add Button > Clicking Gear Icon Then you can add your AiScript there (without the plugin metadata at the top)

    Feel free to message me over at @box464@firefish.social if you want to discuss in detail, happy to help fellow AiScript devs.

  • v0.2 is now available!


    • Fixed an issue with the timeToKeep (I forgot to put it back to milliseconds, so it was not finding any notes...)
    • Added a confirmation when the plugin is installed (the result is kept in the local storage, so that it doesn't prompt the user on every refresh of Firefish)
    • Added a config parameter for the number of notes to load and delete on each run

    Due to the fix on timeToKeep, I suggest updating your plugin as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the process is a bit manual, you have to remove the plugin first then install it again...

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